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About our foundation

JSSWM is a non-profitable voluntary organization serves the needy focusing there to aplip in the needy people such as Slum,Leper,Tribal-Communities living in context proverty and injustice to become self-sufficient and bring lasting change, over a decade.

Hanoch Putra, Founder and President, Jacob Sundar Putra, Vice-President- working through the committee, every month there is a council meeting to finalize the charity activities through resolutions passed by the committee.

Vision: Know Jesus And Make Him Known With Love And Care. Serving All The Needy With No Caste And Creed

“i Was Hungry And You Gave Me Something To Eat, I Was Thirsty And You Gave Me Something To Drink, I Was Stranger And You Invited Me In, I Needed Clothes And You Clothed Me, I Was Sick And You Looked After Me, I Was In Prison And You Came To Visit Me” [matthew 25:35-37]

the total population of India is 150 crore [1500 million] Christians 3.22 crores [32 millions] The goal of JSSWM is to reach the unreached

1.Child Health and Nutrition
3.Livelihood and Resilience
4.Gender and Women Empowerment

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What we are doing

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